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Academy of Modern Agriculture

Aswan Agriculture Academy is developed by Aswan Eco Habitat Sdn Bhd. It visualizes the critical importance of Agricultural Information and Communication Technology as an instrument for the academy’s overall development & School remains deeply committed to dissemination of both for increasing productivity, rural development and enhancing the quality life of the farmers.


To be the leading centre providing student – responsive education, farmer –responsive training and services for development of Agriculture and agro-industry.


Aswan Academy of Agriculture aims to impart a practical education to future farmers of Malaysia in Agriculture and related areas. The academy creates, integrates, & shares knowledge to meet the objectives.


To encourage the youths on entrepreneurship and rural development.
To work hand in hand with the Agriculture Ministry.
To provide relevant education to the students in Agriculture, Processing and allied sciences.
To provide consultancy in agriculture to disseminate the technology innovation to the producer through integrated extension activities.
To promote research and training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity, cost reduction in farming, farm mechanization and farm animal production.

Goals of Academy

Ensure that graduates are provided with knowledge, skills, competence and moral values that lead to productive careers both in private and public sectors and the readiness to face future employment challenges in both national and international industries making them contributors to national progress.
Develop and maintain personnel with competence, knowledge, skills and passion for the translation of education and other services through application of different academic, research, extension and training programs of the Academy.
Empower students and personnel by leading in the provision of education and enhancement of technologies in its distinctive learning environment and extend such environment beyond the boundaries of the Academy.
Advance the general welfare of its students and personnel at best.
Further expand networks and pursue partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders and organizations especially the local and national government for enhancement of resources.
Preserve a scholarly community conducive to learning by providing quality laboratories; adequate classrooms; state-of-the-art e-learning systems; modern libraries, buildings, ICT equipment, clean and green surroundings.
Deploy digital media to engage and educate the farmers by using various 3D animation videos including android apps.
Implement more vigorous resource generation projects and consequently boost and constantly increase the income of the academy towards self-sufficiency.
Implement and maintain administrative efficiency and a transparent financial management system.

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